0900 - 1030
Opening Ceremony
1030 - 1045
Coffee Break
1045 - 1145
Keynote Session 1
Language Policy in Malaysia: A Characterisation of the Nation
Asmah Hj. Omar
1200 - 1300
C.Hall 1
Session 1.1
Track 8: Early Years Language Education
P325 Track 8
Yvette Slaughter | Louisa Willoughby
The teaching of Auslan in early childhood contexts - language rights, teacher agency and pedagogical innovations
P388 Track 8
Patrícia Costa
On-line English Language Workshop for Children - “LICOMzinho": meaningful teaching of English as additional language
P403 Track 8
Viniti Vaish
Home language environment and bilingual acquisition in preschoolers from low-income homes: differential impact of language and literacy related factors
P672 Track 8
Jakob Patekar | Natasa Kosuta
Twenty years of formal early language learning in Croatia: Lessons learned
C.Hall 2
Featured Discussion
F2014 Daniel Perrin
Stories, Arguments and Big Data: Setting up a PhD School in Applied Linguistics
C.Hall 3
Session 1.6
Track 4: Linguistics and Social Issues
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
Track 8 - Early Years Language Education
P686 Track 8
Anja Steinlen
Foreign language anxiety in a regular and a bilingual elementary school program
P488 Track 7
Junju Wang | Cong Zhang
Chinese EFL teachers' classroom writing assessment literacy: A large-scale survey study
P624 Track 4
Jinawat Kaenmuang
Revealing the Unseen Voices: Linguistic Profiling of Thai Suicide Notes and Implications for Forensic Linguistics in Thailand
P1589 Track 4
Carlos Mendoza
Contrasting language ideologies of English and the local language in the achievement of the internationalization at home goals in higher education
MR 304
Session 1.9
Track 11: Literacy Development In Language Education
P244 Track 11
Sun Baoqi | Loh Chin Ee
Decline in Reading Enjoyment and Changes in Reading Habits among Children and Adolescents Aged 9 to 16 Years
P387 Track 11
Patrícia Costa | Raquel Rodrigues
What about critical racial literacy? Problematizing the racial and linguistic ideology of the Brazilian "national identity" presented in an English textbook used in our public high schools
P439 Track 11
Ming-i Lydia Tseng
Examining Place-Based Digital Multimodal Composing Practices for Intercultural Learning
P443 Track 11
Wen Wen
Exploring Virtual Field Experiences: Merging Language Learning and Global Literacies
MR 305
Session 1.11
Track 6: Language In Use
Track 10: Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence
Track 14: Open Calls
P692 Track 14
Busani Maseko | Liqhwa Siziba
On the dialectics of policy and practice: multilingualism and the virtual linguistic landscape of a South African university
P744 Track 10
Mayya Levkina | Kerry Anne Brennan
Teachers' anxiety, fear and technostress caused by the implementation of new technologies
P745 Track 10
Mayya Levkina | Kerry Anne Brennan
Technostress in the use of a new online tool to design tasks
P751 Track 6
Robert MacIntyre
The relationship between metadiscourse markers and perceptions of linguistic quality in the writing of M.A. theses in Applied Linguistics
MR 306
Session 1.13
Track 4: Linguistics and Social Issues
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
Track 10: Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence
P754 Track 4
Xiao Wang
Mutual corroboration between picture and text in translation: images of Monkey King on the book covers and in verbal texts
P777 Track 7
Ge Lan | Shelley Staples
Improve grammar usage marking in scientific reports via a multidimensional analysis model
P803 Track 7
Toshie Agawa
Exploring Factors of Autonomous Engagement in Online Conversation Lessons: An Interview Study
P831 Track 10
Nicolas Emerson
Collabowrite: Crafting Collaborative Narratives in EFL Classrooms with AI-enhanced Technology
MR 307
Session 1.15
Track 2: Language In Professional Practices and Professional Contexts
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
Track 12: Language Education Policy and Management
P1613 Track 12
Yavuz Kurt | Talip Gulle
P1624 Track 2
Surendra Prasad Bhatt
Wellbeing from the eyes of English Language Teachers
P1632 Track 7
Erika Amancio Caetano
P1638 Track 7
Maralice de Souza Neves | Rafael de Sousa Lopes Nascimento
Voices from the South: towards spiral knowledge in Continuing Education in Brazil
MR 308
Session 1.18
Track 12: Language Education Policy and Management
Track 13: Other Works on Research in Applied Linguistics
P78 Track 13
Xinyu Zhao
Rater bias on assessing spoken grammar in L2 prepared speech: raters' professional background and learners' ability
P168 Track 13
Sun Xiaoya
Educating Chinese postgraduate writers against plagiarism: A pedagogical intervention
P360 Track 13
Kasumi Arciaga
Decoding the Dynamics of Language Learning Strategies amid the Covid-19 Pandemic: Implications for Sustainable Online Language Education
P489 Track 13
Shanshan Yang
Emotion work as (de)motivator: Understanding the link between language teacher motivation and emotion
MR 309
Session 1.21
Track 5: Language In Society
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P1063 Track 5
Chuanning Huang
Diversity and Imagined Communities at a Japanese Supplementary School in New Zealand
P1101 Track 7
Andrea Machado de Almeida Mattos
Postmemory and the impact of traumatic historical events on EFL teachers' education
P1140 Track 7
Mi­riam Lucia dos Santos Jorge | Leina Claudia Viana Juca
Andrea Machado de Almeida Mattos Duoehnographies in EFL Teacher Education: Internationalization at home, diversity, equiry, and inclusion
P1147 Track 7
Asami Nakayama | Paul Dickinson
Addressing Learner Challenges with Extensive Reading to Promote Learner Autonomy and Reading Proficiency
MR 310
Session 1.24
Track 3: Languages For Specific Purposes(Lsp), Business and Professional Communication
Track 4: Linguistics and Social Issues
Track 6: Language In Use
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P1211 Track 6
Jason Fan
Japanese in Singapore: The Singaporeans' perspectives
P1323 Track 4
Rafael de Sousa Lopes Nascimento | Maralice de Souza Neves
The transgender English teacher: a case study through the lenses of Queer Studies and Psychoanalysis
1334 Track 7
Akiko Kiyota
Developing Second Language Interactional Competence in a Foreign-language Context: A Longitudinal Case Study
P1338 Track 3
Xi Li | Mo Chen
Assessing the Effects of Explicit Instructions on Coherence in Writing
1300 -1400
1400 - 1600
C.Hall 1
Session 1.2
Track 2 - Language In Professional Practices and Professional Contexts
Track 8 - Early Years Language Education
P769 Track 8
Carly Steele | Toni Dobinson
From English-only to only English: Shifting language perspectives in primary school classrooms.
P811 Track 8
Jutta Rymarczyk
Tackling diversity? - Teachers' analytical skills in the evaluation of German primary school students' first attempts to write in English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
P955 Track 8
Anne-Marie Morgan | John Hajek | Joseph Lo Bianco | Elizabeth Ellis | Kylie Farmer
Starting young: Early years languages learning in Australia
P1036 Track 8
Akio Abe
Pedagogical Strategies for Japanese Students with English Learning Difficulties and the Transformation of Student Perceptions: A Practical Report Based on a Class of 40 Students Oomoto Elementary School
P1059 Track 8
Catherine Hamilton | Hamish Chalmers
The effectiveness of using songs to teach young learners of French in UK primary schools: a randomized control trial.
P1050 Track 8
Akio Abe | Noriko Yamane | Xiaofeng Tan
Investigation of Alphabet Pronunciation Among Japanese Elementary School Children Using Ultrasound Analysis
P1943 Track 2
Chen Xu
A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of a Tourism Websites of Hainan Province of P.R.China
C.Hall 2
Track 1 - Language Diversity, Inclusivity and Sustainability
Track 4: Linguistics And Social Issues
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P414 Track 1
Juergen Kurtz
Promoting Sustainability in Pre-service EFL Teacher Education in Germany: Findings from a Multiple Case Study
P528 Track 1
Fay Chen
AI-Enhanced EMI PD Design: Support Lecturers' Comprehensibility with Translanguaging and Multimodality
P531 Track 1
Maria Hannah Martin
Migration and Linguistics: Challenges of New Mothers in a Foreign Land
P705 Track 1
David Lindo
Do our current pedagogical models allow for a truly diverse, inclusive and sustainable education? A revisit of progressive practices in New York City
P750 Track 1
Bethany Lacy
Snapshots of Understanding: Reflections on Social Issues through Picturebooks and Photography
P80 Track 7
Ming-Chia Lin
Effects of the argumentation-based inquiry approach on the oral presentation skill and the willingness-to-communicate in dual-language courses of EFL high school students National Academy for Educational Research in Taiwan
P483 Track 4
Fanny Mace
Embracing diversity and integrating newcomers into the Quebecois workforce: Towards the co-construction of a transferable-skills referential
C.Hall 3
Session 1.7
Track 3: Languages For Specific Purposes(Lsp), Business and Professional Communication
Track 9 - Languages and The Mind
P231 Track 9
Agnieszka Otwinowska | Breno Barreto Silva
Does raising awareness of L2-L3 similarities enhance learning L3 words?
P335 Track 9
Min-Chang Sung | Kyuhee Jo
Decoding Motion: How Visual Cues Impact Sentence Processing in L2 Learners of Korean and English
P585 Track 9
Mauricio Veliz-Campos
Development and validation of a Listening Span Test for (Chilean) Spanish speakers: Enhancing research on working memory in second language acquisition
P596 Track 9
Howard Nicholas
Dynamical Acquisition Theory - exploring an example of the wrong track pathway
P865 Track 9
Jiayi Wang
Conceptual transfer on Bilingual Language Acquisition of Tense and Aspect: A Systematic Review
P925 Track 9
Lijun Zhang
Exploring the Use of Model Texts as a Written Corrective Feedback (WCF) Strategy in Individual and Collaborative Revision: Writing Quality, Noticing, and Subsequent Uptake
P1863 Track 3
Davronzhon Gaipov | Khadichakhan Rafikova
MR 304
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
S823 Track 7
Chair: Craig Lambert
Supporting Foreign Language Fluency: Established and Emergent Perspectives on Implementing Speaking Tasks
Scott Aubrey
The Role of Pre-Task Planning in the Development of L2 Speech Processing Capacity
Liping Chen
The Role of Practice in L2 Speech Processing: Task Repetition
Thanh Do
The Role of Task-Based Input
Muhlisin Rasuki
The Role of Task Complexity in the Acquisition Task-Relevant Structures
Gavin Bui
Expanding Horizons on Task Performance: Task complexity effects on fluency and functional adequacy
Craig Lambert
A Pedagogic Model for Supporting Fluency Development
MR 305
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
S1772 Track 7
Chair: Luxin Yang
Fostering Professional Competence through Collaborative Practice: Voices from EFL Pre-Service Teachers in China
Yufei Zhao
A Case Study on EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Cognition in Group Teaching Practicum
Zhao Xiaofeng
Examining Chinese EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Perezhivanie in a Community-based Teaching Practicum
JIANG Ziling
Empowered by Questioning Techniques: An Investigation into EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Development of Critical Thinking
LI Tianxin
Starting from Scratch: EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Development of Teacher Questioning Strategies in Group Teaching Practicum
Unpacking Chinese EFL Pre-Service Teachers’ Fluctuating Agency in Professional Development: An Activity Theory Perspective
MR 306
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
S1508 Track 7
Chair: Qiufang Wen
Enhancing the Quality of Professional Learning for Language Teachers (Part 1)
Qiufang Wen
An Overview of Professional Development in the Chinese Mainland: Exploring Diverse Approaches for Language Teachers
Lingli Zhang
Group Emotional Interconnectedness in the Cloud Community Based on Critical Incidents
Shuguang Sun
Strategies of Promoting Engagement in Activities in a Cloud-based Teaching and Research Community
Hong Zhang
Unpacking Identity Shift in an Online Community: A Narrative Inquiry of a University English Language Teacher from Western China
Zheng Bi
The Effects and Challenges of Short Intensive Thematic Courses for Tertiary English Language Teachers
MR 307
Session 1.16
Track 5: Language In Society
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
Track 11: Literacy Development In Language Education
P137 Track 11
Angelica Granqvist
Minoritized students' trajectory of participation in school-based book-group discussions
P409 Track 7
Mika Ebara | Reiko Sato
Hilofumi Yamamoto Item Analysis of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test LEAP for Placement Testing
P250 Track 7
Branka Drljaca Margic | Kornelija Cakarun
Students' English language progress in English-medium instruction: Assessment, self-assessment and perceptions
P484 Track 7
Mirosław Pawlak
Grammar learning strategy instruction: Investigating learner response
P1083 Track 7
Yukie Kondo | Keiji Fujimiura
Meeting-Style Classroom Approach: Enhancing English Learners' Discussion Skills and Engagement in Business Settings
P587 Track 7
Magdalena Walenta
The Potential and Challenge of English-Medium University Courses in Poland: Student Perspectives
P864 Track 5
Gaowa Bao
A Case Study of K Company in Japan on Technical Intern Training Managers to promote learning in the workplace
MR 308
Session 1.19
Track 1: Language Diversity, Inclusivity and Sustainability
Track 5: Language In Society
Track 8 - Early Years Language Education
Track 10: Language Technology and Artificial Intelligence
Track 12: Language Education Policy and Management
P1729 Track 5
Yanli Meng
Selling "maternal English education" to mothers of toddlers: a multimodal critical discourse analysis of Chinese parenting social media
P1770 Track 10
Helena Sit | Putri Gayatri | Shen Chen
Looking Ahead: Integration of Digital Technologies in TESOL Teacher Education
P1793 Track 12
Devi Paez
Exploring the Monolingual Paradigm in Philippine Higher Education: Teachers' Resistance and Obeisance
P1797 Track 1
Kristina Berynets | Neha Arora | Aditi Sharma Garg
Linguistic Repertoires to Linguistic Ragas: A Decolonial, Affective, and Material Exploration
1838 Track 1
Yingjia Zhang
The diversity within "Chineseness" : identity negotiation of Chinese heritage language learners in Canada
P1866 Track 8
Yoshihiro Nigo
Elementary School English Education Focusing on Japan's Past: Did CLIL Already Exist in Japan in the Early 20th Century?
P1912 Track 10
Matthew Andrew
Doing academic writing differently: how students design multimodal projects in an L2 writing class
MR 309
Session 1.22
Track 1: Language Diversity, Inclusivity and Sustainability
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
Track 9 - Languages and The Mind
P1797 Track 1
Kristina Berynets | Neha Arora
Linguistic Repertoire to Linguistic Ragas: A Decolonial, Affective, and Material Exploratyion
P938 Track 1
Ramon Ortiz-Rojo | Adonai Jose Lacruz
Language Intercultural Communication Skills: Contributions To SDG-9
P1128 Track 1
Anna Kristina Hultgren
English-Medium Secondary Education in Nepal: Reproducing or Reducing Gender Equity?
P1136 Track 1
Alex Panicacci
Diversity within diversity': how linguistic, cultural, and racial aspects shape identity, belonging, and personality
P757 Track 7
Siyang Zhou
"Let's move on to the recommendations." The use of phrasal verbs in business presentations of university students in Hong Kong
P1498 Track 7
Tresevgeni (Jenny) Liontou
Learner Corpora & Foreign Language Acquisition: Analyzing Writing Development Of Young Efl Learners National & Kapodistrian
P558 Track 9
Jie Wu
Exploring the Relationship between Language Aptitude and College-level EFL Learners' L2 Writing Performance
MR 310
Session 1.25
Track 2: Language In Professional Practices and Professional Contexts
Track 5: Language In Society
P43 Track 2
Jakub E. Marszalenko
Literal, Accurate, Equivalent? How Japanese-English court interpreters deal with differences between the two languages, and what implications it may have on the target text
P549 Track 2
Masako Mouri
Proposals for a Japanese Judicial Interpreter Recruitment and Certification System: Comprehensive Language Proficiency, Ethics, and Code of Conduct
P804 Track 2
Reiko Yoshihara
Becoming a feminist EFL university professor: An autoethnographic narrative
P1901 Track 2
Jamie McKeown
Investigating the Construction of Surprise Frames in Judicial Opinions: A Comparative Analysis of Constitutional Law Cases in the HKSAR Courts
P114 Track 2
Kevin Papin
Immersive Virtual Simulations for Professional Health Training: Impact on L2 Self-Efficacy
P237 Track 2
Mian Jia
City Toward An Experimental Approach to Health Discourse: A Case of Agency Assignment in COVID-19
P576 Track 5
Dominika Baran
Translanguaging and the co-construction of memories among former Polish refugee women in digital and face-to-face interactions
1600 -1700
C.Hall 1
Session 1.3
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning And Acquisition
P37 Track 7
Scott Kissau | Kristin Davin
Preparing Teachers of Indigenous Languages: Lessons Learned
P23 Track 7
Takako Inada
Insights from a Mixed-Methods Analysis of a Student-Centered Language Learning System
P66 Track 7
David Teh
Humanising language learning: Cultivating a Safe, Ethical, and Respectful Language Learning Space
C.Hall 2
Session 1.5
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P81 Track 7
Khaled Barkaoui | Saskia Van Viegen
English Language Proficiency and Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Comparison of Students Admitted Through Different Pathways
P90 Track 7
Sviatlana Karpava
The Effect of Critical-Reflective Engagement and Research-Oriented Practices on Professional Development and Language Teacher Identity
P96 Track 7
Art Tsang
Towards a fuller understanding of positive emotions and learning within and beyond the FL classroom: Preliminary quantitative findings from a longitudinal mixed-methods study
C.Hall 3
Session 1.8
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P101 Track 7
Jeong-Bae Son | Sang-Soon Park
EAP students' experiences with online learning at an Australian university
P144 Track 7
Lifang Bai
The impact of online dictionary on the quality of EFL writing
P163 Track 7
Rieko Nishida
Exploring motivated engagement, perceived communication competencies and L2WTC in English learning in the Japanese EFL context
MR 304
Session 1.10
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P172 Track 7
Gary Bonar
Exploring pre-service and graduate languages teacher agency over time
P191 Track 7
Marianne Rachel G. Perfecto
Contextualizing and localizing to form global citizens: Examining ELT in multilingual settings during the Covid-19 pandemic
P192 Track 7
Mami Otani
Effects of pragmatic awareness focused on self-disclosure on Japanese EFL learners
MR 305
Session 1.12
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P215 Track 7
Michael Koslowski
Deconstructing the Binary: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges of Translanguaging and Immersion Pedagogies
P224 Track 7
Junming Chen
Effects of Task-Based Language Teaching on Oral Chinese Development: An Exploratory Study with a Meaning-based Task System
P225 Track 7
Makoto Yoshii
The effects of quality of pictures for glossing
MR 306
Session 1.14
Track 11: Literacy Development In Language Education
P719 Track 11
Jiajia Eve Liu | Fei Victor Lim
English language teachers' perceptions and practices of teaching multimodal literacy: Implications for language teacher education
P786 Track 11
Akiko Nagao
EFL learners' comprehension of the discussion essay genre: The use of Genre-based Writing among Japanese university students
P796 Track 11
Xiaojing Wang
Chinese EFL Teachers' Self-Efficacy Change in Dual-Teacher Modeled Teaching Practice
MR 307
Session 1.17
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
Track 13: Other Works On Research In Applied Linguistics
P902 Track 7
Agnes Herawati | Takayuki Nakanishi
English E-learning in VUCA World: Comparative Study between Indonesia and Japan
P1042 Track 13
Erick Kian Lip Tan
Comparison of Phonetic Transcription Practices in Speech and Language Therapy in Singapore.
P1051 Track 7
Christian Burrows
A Move Towards Active Learning in Second Language Education in Japan
MR 308
Session 1.20
Track 4: Linguistics and Social Issues
Track 5: Language In Society
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P1955 Track 5
Sani Saidu Ibrahim
P2004 Track 7
Christine Lee
Investigating postgraduate students' perceptions of tranlanguanging in teaching and learning at an EMI (English Medium Institution)
P2005 Track 4
Aakash Kumar | Anjili Kumari | William Rupley | Debra McKeown
Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus: Gender Representation in Pakistani English Language Textbooks
MR 309
Session 1.23
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P226 Track 7
Ozgehan Ustuk | Guangwei Hu
Transnational language teachers' academic socialization in Hong Kong through teacher questioning
P227 Track 7
Guangwei Hu | Ozgehan Ustuk
Teacher questioning as pedagogy: EMI classrooms in Hong Kong secondary schools
P283 Track 7
Takaaki Takeuchi
Exploring the Relationship Between Second Language Learning Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom - A 4-year Longitudinal Study -
MR 310
Session 1.26
Track 7: Language Teaching, Learning and Acquisition
P288 Track 7
Kevin W. H. Tai
Creating Translanguaging Spaces in a Hong Kong English Medium Instruction Mathematics Classroom: A Comparative Analysis of Classroom Interactions with and without the Use of iPad
P303 Track 7
Yuri Ichikawa
Pursuing Appropriateness in Collaborative Dialogue Affects English Production
P315 Track 7
Karen Forbes | Angela Gayton
"I feel like I have a superpower": A qualitative exploration of factors influencing adolescents' multilingual identity development during an identity-based
1700 - 1800
Keynote Session 2
Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice
Ingrid Piller
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